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It is common for a car to go through a lot of scratches and dents over a long period of usage,
especially when it comes to rough usage of the vehicle. At JKMCars, we take complete care of your
car by providing the necessary cosmetic repair services along with maintenance and other important
check-up services. A brief summary of car repair services that we provide include:

Cosmetic Makeup

The car component that is most commonly injured in the day to day operations is the car door. The
door repair services in our cosmetic repair service package include removal of scratches and
repainting of the doors. In case of a severe damage, we can also make arrangements to repair the
entire door assembly by completely replacing the components as part of the advanced door repair

Engine Servicing

Our Bay Area car repair shop is equipped with highly professional and trained personnel that have
several years’ worth of experience in the automotive industry. They have worked with thousands of
different types of engines to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently. You can rest assured that
your vehicle is in safe hands when you leave your car for repair at our Bay Area car repair shop.

General Servicing

We also offer a complimentary general servicing option at our car repair shop that includes a
thorough cleaning of the vehicle while making the necessary check-ups for oil and coolant levels. We
also host an array of state-of- the-art advanced digital equipment at our car repair shop that allows
us to check the car for leakages, fuel efficiency ratios and other diagnostic operative details.

Contact us today at JKMCars for more information on the servicing and repair of vehicles at our Bay
Area car repair shop.